New Site Details…

Hello all,

Some might know this already, if you’ve seen some of my Facebook posts. But, I’m at a new site now. You can see about 30 of my posts at:

I’m still in the process of moving everything Amorphous Thoughts over to HubPages. It’s more tedious than you think (different formatting, site layout, etc)

And, I have few things in the works. Right now, I’m working on a theory on Republican offspring. I found something you won’t be believe that your able to get in a vending machine, what is probably the strangest thing to bring to a picnic and many other things.  So, if you followed and enjoyed the blog here, and would like to follow the new site, you can.

A “follow” tab appears in the top-right hand corner of my new homepage. And, you would just use your Facebook sign in info, to officially “follow”, no new registrations or anything.

Thanks so much, see you over at HubPages,